2018 Great Northern Regional Overview

At 6:30 am on March 1st our team, along with team 7048, boarded the bus to head to Grand Forks, ND for the inaugural Great Northern Regional. Thursday was a day for practice, and a day to figure out how to fix all the kinks in our robot. On Friday, 3 team members gave their Chairman’s presentation. Also on Friday, qualification matches started. By the end of qualification matches on Friday, the team was ranked 19 with 7 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie. Our team was selected by team 2491 to be on alliance #5. Coincidentally, our other alliance partner was our sister team, team 7048! We won both games of the quarter finals and were on our way to the semi finals. In the semi finals we faced the #1 seeded alliance. Unfortunately we lost two matches and were out. At the end of the regional, however, our team was awarded the Quality Award! This was awarded to us for the reliability, high performance, elegance, efficiency,  and maintainability of our robot design. Overall our robot, and team as a whole, performed well, despite having numerous issues with our intake. We are already bursting with ideas on how to make our robot more efficient. We look forward to attending the Iowa Regional in a couple of weeks!

-Emily Martin