What does an FRC Team do for Marketing?

An FRC team does many things throughout the on and off season to market their team. The team website is something that is constantly changing and improving. The website contains information about team members, the team’s history, articles about the team’s news, and many more. The website also links you to the team’s social media pages.

Social media is a big aspect of the marketing team. Social media is a way to put the team out for the world to see, and also to keep in touch with other FRC teams. The social media pages are also a way to document the team’s progress and season via pictures and videos.

Team outreach is an important part of the FRC experience. The marketing team keeps in touch with other teams. They can help start new teams, give advice to new teams, or simply just talk about their designs and/or strategy.

The marketing team helps put together events for the team to showcase their work and to help spread the idea of FRC. The team goes out into the public to help anyone, especially younger students, get excited about building robots and learning the ideals of FRC.

The team sets up multiple presentations for the Chairman’s award and for sponsorships. The Chairman’s award is a presentation showcasing all of the work the team has done within their community and around the world. It involves answering online questions, creating a video, and making a presentation to present to judges at regional competitions. Gaining sponsors are important for the team to grow. Sponsors can give the team anything from money, to parts, to handouts. The marketing team works on making scripts to contact sponsors and then calling or emailing the sponsors.

At competitions, members from the marketing team go to other teams’ pits to talk to them about their robots. They also go to gain information about their strategy. On the flip side of that, the marketing team is responsible for designing their own pit design so that it is both easy to navigate and is appealing to the eye.

The marketing team is in charge of making handouts at competitions. This can include brochures explaining the team, business cards showing the team’s contact information, and/or little things that other teams can pick up (bracelets, key chains, buttons, etc.).

T-shirts are also a part of the marketing team’s responsibilities. The shirts help other teams know who you are and where you are from. They can also promote your sponsors. The shirts can display the team logo and help with team spirit.

Lastly, at competitions, teams are allowed to have a flag that the announcer holds up when the team is announced at competitions. This year, teams are also in charge of making a team standard. This is a flag that goes above the control station during a match. It can have anything on it that showcases the team.

-Emily Martin