FRC 2016 Stronghold Overview

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The 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition game is Stronghold. The objective of the game is to earn points in a variety of ways. Points can be earned by shooting boulders into the castle, crossing outer works, or breaching and scaling the castle.

There are two alliances during the game, each consisting of three robots. Alliances can earn points in numerous ways. One way to do this is to cross over the outer works. Outer works must be crossed  twice in order to score. Alliances may also shoot boulders at the castle via the high goal and/or the low goal. Each alliance is allowed a defensive robot to try and stop the opposing robots from shooting at the castle. After eight boulders have been successfully shot into the castle, the castle is captured and all robots must sit on the batter surrounding the castle. In the last 20 seconds, robots may scale the tower to gain additional points.

The game begins with a 15 second autonomous period. Robots can attempt to touch or cross the outer works and/or shoot boulders at the castle.


-Emily Martin