The Herd Impresses the Pro’s

During the month of March we had the fortune of visiting the FM Engineers Club during one of their monthly meetings.  Our President Grace Bailey, Marketing Captain Bailey Aanenson, Lead Programmer Andrew Vetter, and Safety Captain Cole Amundson were those that attended.  This meeting took place at the Kelly Inn in Fargo.  We went with the goal of thanking the club for their generous donation and explain what First Robotics is.  There was also other various NDSU groups presenting alongside us.

It started with us getting provided delicious food by the FM Engineers which was shortly followed by their typical agenda.  This schedule consisted of discussions on upcoming social gatherings and how to better spread engineering values to the community.  After this task was completed, the presentations came on.  We were last on the list and we listened to various college level clubs and groups present on their differing values and competitions.  Our group had a smashing presentation displaying the goals of First Robotics and how we performed in our regional competitions.  This led to a very nice appreciation visit for one of our great sponsors that we hope to continue being in contact with.

-Cole Amundson