We won regionals!! Team 4818 “The Herd” earns their place in the FRC World Championship!

West Fargo Robotics just won the finals as part of three team alliance Crimson Apple Herd! šŸ™‚
Team 4818 - The Herd - West Fargo Robotics - Winners of the Duluth regional
At the end of day one and six of our qualification matches, we were 62nd out of 63 teams, but won the Imagery Award for the best presented team with our good looking robot, pit, and team ;).
At midday on day two with the remaining three of our qualification matches completed, we were 62nd, but we were impressing potential alliance partners with our consistent tote stacking ability.
We were picked 3rd in the 8 alliance draft process and then proceeded to battle through the playoffs as part of alliance “Crimson Apple Herd” (teams 2526, 93, and us).
And then in a high quality and closely-fought best of three finals, we won a close match one by 1 point and a thrilling match two by 2 points (119-121) to win the Duluth Lake Superior regional and earn a qualification spot for the 2015 FIRST World Championship in St Louis, MO on April 22nd.
Team 4818 - The Herd - West Fargo Robotics - At Duluth regional

A compilation of videos from the event: