Electronics Team: Ups and Downs

For the last few years I have the honor of being a member of the West Fargo High School’s FIRST Robotics team. Our practices which are typically five days a week are a constant working force that moves us forward to the regionals. Over these last few weeks we have been pushing countless hours into making a workable robot. There are many fields of expertise involved in building a completive robot that range from pneumatics to programming. I am a member of our team’s programing team.
During my experience in FIRST Robotics, my team and I have faced many problems that we had to overcome. Some examples include figuring out how our driving mechanism would interpret direction or vectors in this case. Another challenge that we came across was complications with setting up our gyroscopes (position sensor). On top of that, autonomous mode (the fifteenth second period before the game starts in which robots run on pre-programed commands) also had some issues as the robot design conflicted with our code we had programed thus far. Overall, I feel that we expanded on our problem solving skills and gained valuable life lessons in the process.

-Tristan Anderson