Recycle Rush Overview

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This year’s game is Recycle Rush. The objective of this game is to earn points through numerous tactics. Points can be earned by stacking totes on specified platforms for scoring, placing recycling containers over the stacks, or getting rid of litter (pool noodles).


There are two alliances within this game each consisting of three robots. Each Alliance remains on their side of the playing field. Alliances can earn points in numerous ways. They can do this by removing litter from their landfill zone or by putting litter on or in scored recycling containers. An Alliance has the opportunity to add points to the score of the other Alliance, by leaving litter unprocessed on their side of the field.They can also earn points through Coopertition or teaming-up with the other Alliance in that match. These points are given if there are at least four yellow totes on the step at the same time during the match. An Alliance has the opportunity to double their Coopertition points if they arrange four of the yellow totes in a single stack on the step.


The game begins with a 15 second autonomous period. Robots attempt to earn points by moving yellow totes and their recycling containers in the Auto-zone or the area between the scoring platform without human assistance.


During the Teleop Period (the last two minutes and fifteen seconds of the game) students drivers control the robots remotely behind the walls at the end of the field. Teams on Alliances can work together to place as many totes on the white scoring platform. They can earn additional points by recycling containers place on the scored totes. The higher the container, the more the points. All materials used are either recycled or reused by the team or by FIRST at the end of the season.

scoring grid


-Gift Ben-Bernard