FRC Deep Space Overview

FIRSTDeep Space





The 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition game is Destination to Deep Space. The objective of the game is to place hatch panels onto the rockets and cargoship as well as load cargo to earn points.


There are two alliances during the game, each consisting of three robots. Alliances can earn points in numerous ways. Teams can earn points by attaching hatch panels onto the rockets or the shuttles and load it with cargo. In the end of the game, robots  can earn additional points for HAB climbing. If an alliance earns 15 points or more points for climbing, the teams will earn 1 ranking point. In addition, an alliance can also earn a ranking point during qualifying matches if they complete at least one rocket with hatch panels and cargo.


In the beginning of the game, driver vision of the field will be blocked by a waning sandstorms for 15 seconds. During that time period, robots can operate using autonomous or monitor with a vision system on the robot. An alliance will score points in first 15 seconds for exiting the habitat, securing hatch panels and storing cargo properly.


-Anjali Bhujel