On March 21st our team boarded the bus for the 7 hour drive to Cedar Falls, Iowa to participate in the FIRST Iowa Regional. Thursday brought practice matches, where we were able to test and modify our robot and the 2 cube scale auto we had been working on. On Friday, qualification matches began and the Chairman’s team presented to their judges.  Saturday brought more qualification matches, as well as playoff matches. After qualification matches finished, we were ranked #3 with a 10 win and 4 loss record! For the second time in our existence, we were alliance captains. We chose teams 2526 and 5690 as our alliance partners. We made it to the semifinals were we faced the #2 team. We won our first match, but in the second match our robot tipped on the scale during auto and we were red carded. Prior to the third match, team 2526 was not able to continue, so team 4646 subbed in for them. Unfortunately, we lost our match and did not advance any further. During the awards ceremony, we received the Quality Award again! Throughout the whole competition, our team continued to work as a team and we left everything out on that field. We look forward to recapping and setting up our returning members with the skills necessary to be successful next year.

– Emily Martin