FRC 2017 Steamworks Overview






The 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition is Steamworks. The objective of the game is to score fuel in the boiler and get gears to the airship so that your alliance can take flight.

There are two alliances during the game, each consisting of three robots. Alliances can earn points in numerous ways.  Robots collect fuel from hoppers to score into the boilers by either shooting them into the high goal or the low goal. Gears can be put on the robot and brought over to the airship to get the rotors to turn. The more kilopascals of fuel scored into the boiler, the more points the alliance will earn. The more rotors the alliance has turning, the more points they will get. In the last 30 seconds each robot can climb a rope for extra points.

The game begins with a 15 second autonomous period. During this robots can cross the baseline, score fuel in the boiler, or deliver gears to the airship.scoring

-Emily Martin