Elementary Visits


During the post-season, our team likes to take our robot and present it to different companies and to younger students. We take our robot to local elementary schools to talk about the FIRST program and to get the students excited about their future in STEM and FIRST. When we go to the school, we talk about FRC and our team’s robot this year. We also talk about FIRST Lego League, something that they can do in the near future. Since we 3D print a lot of our parts, we bring our 3D printer along. The students seem to really enjoy our robot and seem interested in FIRST when we leave.

It is a great opportunity to be able to teach younger students about opportunities that they have in the future. The kids seem very excited about our robot and to see something that students not too much older than them created and actually got to work! Our goal is to inspire as many students as possible to join FRC or anything STEM related and to show them cool things that they can do in high school. We love to involve the students and to show them that we can shoot the ball into a basketball hoop!

-Emily Martin