Duluth Overview


On Wednesday, March 3rd we left for the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, Minnesota at noon, and arrived at about 5:30pm. I am a senior and part of the build team for 4818, The Herd. At Duluth I occasionally stand scouted, which is where we use an app that some of our students and mentors developed to rate teams as they play their matches. For a good part of Friday, I was the fill in safety captain that every team has in their pit area. I also helped fix any issues on the robot that we found during matches. Talking to all the teams was an amazing experience. I talked to other teams as they came to check out our pit and robot. I was able to speak to others with the same interests as me and exchange information about how best to do different parts of the game. The amount of collective knowledge was quite outstanding. I learned so much from talking to other teams, and as a whole the experience was amazing. This is my first and only year doing FIRST Robotics and I regret not joining earlier.

-Matt Martin ’16