WF Robotics in the News: Local Robotics Team Heading To Nationals Shows Off Robot

From KVRR News:


Some Sheyenne and West Fargo High School students are headed to a national robotics competition.

Before heading out to the National FIRST Robotics Competition in St. Louis, students showcased their robot at John Deere in Fargo.

The robot moved around and stacked containers.

This is the third year for the students and they raised around $50,000 from sponsors.
“It’s really awesome to actually let people see what we’re doing because I think a lot of times, robotics is kind of one of those sports that’s not really super recognized and the newspaper reports a lot about you know basketball, baseball, but robotics I feel like it needs more attention because I feel like it’s a really important aspect of the community. It has a lot of real world skills involved in it,” said Marketing Team Captain Bailey Aanenson.
One of the goals of the team is to introduce others to the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

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West Fargo Robotics Team works with local companies to develop regional champion robot

From WDAY News Team

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – While high schools are cheering on teams in the state basketball tournament, a more futurisitic team is preparing for its sports world championship.

The West Fargo Robotics Team showed off its victorious robot today at John Deere in Fargo. Team members have been working with mentors from the company, as well as Microsoft, to develop the high-tech machine. It’s designed to stack and move recycling bins.

The students recently won their regional championship in Duluth.

Bailey Aanenson/West Fargo Robotics, “It’s taking everything we’ve learned at a basic level in the classroom, like, times ten. And it’s giving it a real world application.”